Artisans of the 2017 Lincoln Continental

A Conversation On Serenity

Serenity that surrounds you the second you shut the door. To explain just how we achieved this, Lincoln Continental interior designer Tony Molinari sat down for a conversation with renowned spa designer and SPAd President Sylvia Sepielli.

A Conversation On Effortless Power

Power so effortless, it’s “almost as if you’re one with the car.” Michael Celentino, the chief engineer of the new Lincoln Continental, sat down to discuss its design with the founder of Ritte Bikes, Spencer Canon.

A Conversation On Client Experience

Experiences curated just for you. Lincoln Sales and Service Manager Andrew Frick sat down with ISM Spa CEO and customer experience designer Ilana Alberico to chat about the ways that exceptional client service can elevate the way you drive — often, without even setting foot in a dealership.


Motor City Films provided full production management services for The Diamond Bros, a NYC based team of twin brother Directors, on this three-day shoot at Eastern Market in Detroit, MI.

This included scouting and securing locations, hiring all local crew, sourcing equipment rentals, and tracking all production expenses.

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