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“Tea Bags for Two”

The pilot episode for our newest adult animated series. Dirty Farm Animals follows the innocuous misadventures of a Barnyard full of characters as they navigate life in the country. But there’s a rub. Fun double entendre and innocent-on-purpose prose guide the viewer through some unique theatre of the mind that verifies just how dirty we all think.

*At it’s filthy core, Dirty Farm Animals is a lighthearted commentary on what we deem offensive. The words used in each episode have only been seen as dirty because we have used them as slang and have decided that they are taboo. When used in their organic form, they are neither offensive, oppressive or vulgar. The “F-word,” the “S-word,” the “C-word,” or the “N-word,” will never make an appearance in any episodes because, A) They are the only truly offensive cuss words in the English language and B) They don’t seem to have a double meaning.


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Dirty Farm Animals

The Series

Dirty Farm Animals is a series of animated shorts that all take place on a colorful farm in BFE. The series follows the innocuous misadventures of a group of farm animals as they navigate life in the country.

However, there is a rub.

While each short seems harmless, each episode is written in double entendre. So, the pure, virginal, family-oriented situations can also be construed as tawdry, lusty, randy, raunchy and downright filthy-dirty by the viewer.

The farm and the barn have a worn and lived-in feel. A bit seedy and a little beat up, the scenery has the look and feel of a porn director’s well-used casting couch. The stimulating scenery and characters hearken back to the animation shorts of yesteryear. They have a vintage smarmy feel of a black velvet painting. Exaggerated, dated but idealistic scenery paints the landscape for each scene.

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