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“No Outlet”

No Outlet is an animated, slice of life, dramedy-sitcom that captures the human condition in small-town middle America. It explores the lives and families of three best friends, Cooper, R.J, and Liz. While the series is comprised of 22-minute episodes, the show is split between an A-Plot and a B-Plot. It usually fallows the trio of friends and what their story is within the episode alongside the story of a family conflict. ‘whether it would be between each other or against the world. Think Freaks and Geeks meets early Simpsons with a sprinkle of your childhood to boot.


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Do you remember screwing up when you were younger?

Or maybe that intense argument between your parents over something you didn’t quite understand?

What about the countless times you muffled under
your breath, “this sucks.” On those days that were
pretty hard to get through.

Huh, kind of reminds me of…me growing up!


If there could be only one thing I’d want people to get from watching No Outlet, it would be how close to home this show hits. Whether it comes from the highly conservative upper-middle-class household Liz is trapped in, the struggle to make-ends-meet with Cooper’s middle-class life, or the lack of responsibility that neglects R.J’s Lower-class trailer home. I want to tell the story of the small town American life I grew up in. Making it visible for all to relate to. The fun, the hurtful, and the heartfelt.

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